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    Jabar-South Australia Held Joint Business Forum



    BANDUNG- The Government of West Java with the State of South Australia held a joint business forum in order to increase the cooperation in various fields between the two regions. This forum was held in the Ballroom of The Trans Luxury Hotel, Jl. Gatot Subroto Bandung on Wednesday (01/06/2016).
     On this occasion, the two areas invite each other to invest. Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar present at this forum to introduce the advantages and economic potential of West Java in various fields, such as the wealth of natural resources, education, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, art and culture, as well as the contribution of the manufacturing industry in West Java can give a great contribution to reach 60% nationally.
     This forum is a follow up of a joint working group meeting between the provincial government of West Java and South Australia from November 15 to 18, 2015 and in Bandung, which includes nine areas of cooperation, namely: agriculture, fisheries, industry and trade, investment, health, governance , education, tourism, art and culture.
     Vice Governor said that the business forum this time is the implementation of cooperation in the field of trade and investment. To that end, the forum is expected to be a good momentum and positive impact on the relations between both regions, and could be a forum to discuss the ideas and breakthroughs as a form of innovation for effective cooperation relations and concrete.
     "This forum is a very good momentum and positioned to be at our best, especially in efforts to increase cooperation in the sectors of economy, trade, business, and investment," said The Vice Governor in his speech.
     "So we also invited South Australia to invest in West Java," he said.
     The business forum is a series of business mission of South Australia in Southeast Asian countries, namely the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam from May 26 to June 5, 2016. While in Indonesia itself, the business mission took place from May 29 - June 2, 2016.
    South Australian Government is very keen to be able to contribute to the rapid development that has been conducted in West Java. According to the Minister of Trade and Investment of South Australia, Mr. Hamilton-Smith, that's what causes to go back to West Java with the South Australian companies which carry out business as a target approach.
     "I bring the companies that reflect the key sectors for the development of Indonesia and I believe that there are opportunities for South Australian companies to contribute to the economic growth of Indonesia," said Smith.
     South Australia has advantages and potentials in various fields that can be cooperated with West Java, such as education and research, art and culture, industrial technology, agriculture, food and wine, the defense industry and manufacturing, infrastructure and professional services, tourism, art and culture , the cooperation of government to fashion.
     Therefore, this forum will discuss various potential of cooperation, particularly in the field of food risillience initiation, including agribusiness services, technology, and regulations; infrastructure development, financing, services and solutions; development of regional airlines; health technology and services; education and skills development; the automobile industry; and increased interest in international travel Indonesian society.
    Also attending the business forum Consulate General of Indonesia in South Australia, the ranks of the South Australian Government, the head of OPD associated in the West Java province, the Head of related environmental Secretariat of West Java Province, Chairman of Commission I of the DPRD of West Java, the board and members Chamber of Commerce of West Java, delegates and businessmen from South Australia, as well as invited guests.
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