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    Batik Day, SMP1 BE Compulsory The Students Wear Batik


    KAB. BANDUNG-Commemorate the National Batik Day, SMPN 1 Baleendah in Bandung District compulsory the students to wear batik.

    According to the vice of headmaster, Omar Mardiana, students are required to wear batik in addition of batik school uniform. It is aimed to introduce and create a sense of love in Indonesian culture.

    “Especially for today we ask our student to use batik, while for the pant/skirt they use the blue school uniform. We do this in order to commemorate National Batik Day to create a sense of love in Indonesian culture,” he said, Friday (2/10).

    Omar said that school batik uniform is used every Thursday, but especially on National Batik Day, all student required to wear batik on Friday. It’s coincide on National Batik Day.

    “In regular schedule of using batik in this school is on Thursday. But we also use batik on Friday due to of National Batik Day which coincide on this day,” he said.

    According to Omar, not only students that wear batik, but also all the teacher and educators use it.


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