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    There Should not be a Gap Existed between Moslem Youth and "Pancasila"



    BANDUNG-Statesman Leadership School (SPN) held a nationality dialogue in cooperation of The People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) of Indonesia on Wednesday (01/06).

    The Assembly is being represented by Hidayat Nurwahid as one of the Vice Chairman of the assembly. Also attending the discussion is Sukamta as one of the member of the assembly. This nationality discussion is focusing on the importance of the application of Pancasila in the digital era.

    In this discussion, Hidayat said comprehensively the involvement of Moslem Theologian in the formulation of Pancasila. "on June 22nd, Soekarno approved the formulation of Pancasila which proposed by M. Yamin with Believing in one and only God as the first moral principle. The moslem youth should be closed with Pancasila in order to preserve the value of Pancasila," said Hidayat.

    During the discussion, hundreds of youth is attending the event from all across West Java. most of the youth are the students of SPN. Responding to this programme, Hidayat said that "I hope SPN is able to maximise the potential of Indonesian young generation in order to develop the country even further."

    Hidayat emphasise that the debate that is happening in today's society should now be over. Now is the time for Indonesian youth to fill the real independence. "I hope that SPN is able to generate a qualified youth in order to realise the dreams of our founding fathers. not only in the field of politics but also social and economy," said Hidayat. Jo

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