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    Traditional Sports Need to be Developed


    BANDUNG-There are various traditional sports in Indonesia such as Benjang which originated from West Java that still being played by the people. This potential is need to be develop. This matter is said by the Head of FORMI, Hayono Isman, during the inauguration of the committee of West Java's FORMI at Horizon Hotel, Bandung (1/6).

    According to Hayono, FORMI has developed some traditional sports as an effort to resurect Indonesian Culture. Another step that is needed to be develop is togetherness.

    Traditional sports which are under the management of FORMI is needed to be further professionally developed considering them as the heritage of Indonesian ancestors and also the identity of our nation, said Hayono.

    With the development of modern sports, Hayono hopes that traditional sports would also be developed. In order to do so, at least one village has one sports facility. (NR)

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