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    West Java's Inflation is Increasing 0,25% in May 2016.



    BANDUNG-The Consumption Price Index of West Java which covers 7 cities including Bogor, Sukabumi, Bandung, Cirebon, Bekasi, Depok, and Tasikmalaya is raising. In April 2016 it only reach 121,32 while in May 2016, it increased until 121,62 which means there is an inflation about 0,25%.
    "Thus, West Java's year to date inflation is 0,49% and year on year inflation reached (May 2016 to May 2015) 3,01%," said the Head of BPS of West Java, Bachdi Ruswana on Wednesday (1/6) in his office.
    All of West Java's Seven outcome groups are expreriencing inflation as listed below:
    Raw Products: 0,51%
    Food products, Beverages, Cigarettes, and Tobacco: 0,49%
    Residential Area, Water, Electricity, Gas, and Gasoline: 0,07%
    Clothing: 0,53%
    Health Care: 0,13%
    Education, Recreation, and Sports: 0,01%
    Transportation, Communication, and Financial Services: 0,02%
    All of the Seven Cities also experiencing inflation as showed below:
    Bogor: 0,37%
    Sukabumi: 0,29%
    Bekasi: 0,09%
    Depok: 0,32%
    Bandung: 0,24%
    Tasikmalaya: 0,44%
    Cirebon: 0,27%
    Food Products group is the biggest inflation contributor with the amount of inflation reach 0,51%. Beef Sub-Groups is becoming the biggest sub group contributor with 3,40%. Jo
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