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    Working Together for a Bright Indonesia in order to Maintain Energy Resilience



    BANDUNG-The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is continuously encouraging the Bright Indonesia Programme (PIT) which is initiated by the Minister of ESDM in Maybarat Regency, West Papua Povince on April 21st, 2016.

    As a follow up, today, the Executive unit of PIT is preparing a coordinating office in Ambon, East Indonesia which is projected to be fully operational on July 2016 as stated in the press release of PKP Kominfo team and The Ministry of ESDM.

    The Electrification level of Indonesia is still on a minimum level and this needs the work of every aspects in order to be maximised until it reached 97% by 2019. The countries which are under the coordination of the Ministry of ESDM will facilitate the Infrastucture procurement mechanism with feed-in-tariff (FIT), as well as price subsidy in order to encourage the economic appropriateness of the electricity development in the village region.

    This programme is targeted to 12.659 villages in 6 provinces in Eastern Indonesia which as not been exposed by electricity form The State Electricity Company (PLN). There must be a special attention in order to light these 2.519 pitch dark villages.

    PIT is using the New Sustainable Enegry (EBT) in order to provide electricity to the outer regions of Indonesia. The powerplants are going to be develop using the cluster system and will not be connected to the existing transmition system. This model used by PIT is known as off-grid development system.

    The three approaches of PIT are grid extension (for villages in which PLN has already provide electricity for), mini grid/off-grid (for the neighboring families), and solar home system (for villages with far apart houses). through this programme, it is hoped that the people could effectively take benefits from EBT and thus, helping the Government in achieveing 25% of national energy mixture by 2025.

    Beakthrough and PIT Budgeting

    To this date, The Government is struggling to succeed this programme. one of the effort is to make a breakthrough to attract more investors by promising them with a good incentives. The budget combination form The regional budget, people's investment, and grants from CSR programmes from companies in Indonesia is hoped to gain the country about Rp 53 trillion in order to accelerate the completion of PIT programme considering the amount of money needed to provide another 1000MW of electricity which reached Rp 100 trillion.

    PIT is going to be implemented through inclusive, cheap, gradual, as well as transparent anc accountable strategy. Inclusive means that every concerning parties are included in every planning, implementation, and supervision. Cheap means that the price of electricity subscription will not exceeds people's ability to buy.  Gradual means that the programme will be started from the outer regions, which is Eastern Indonesia and gradually moves to the Western area. As for transparent ant accountable, it will be realise by submitting evaluation paper to the trusted third party.

    The Ministry of ESDM will be giving more attention to the people in the outer regions of Indonesia so that they could enjoy the benefits of electricity. Without policy and actionit is impossible for electricity to be taken adventage by all of the Indonesian people as what have been targeted by the Government.

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