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    Majasari Village is Ready to Represent West Java



    INDRAMAYU-Majasari Village, Sliyeg District is ready to represent West Java in a village competition which will be held on Tuesday (31/06/2016) in the courtyard of the Village Meeting Hall. Majasari Village will be representing the Pantura region and ready to compete with another villages.

    The Regent of Indramayu, Hj. Anna Sophanah explains that Majasari village is the best village in Indramayu after it went through several judgement. For that achievement, the village is eligible to move forward to the next phase.

    To this date, The synergy between the Majasari Village Government, District Government and The Government of Indramayu Regency is well maintained and also the involvement level of the people of Majasari Village is high. Even some innovation and crativity keep coming from the people so that the people based development is able to be further improved.

    "This achievement has to become a motivation for another villages to explore their own potential," said the Regent.

    Meanwhile, The Head of The Judges who is also the Head of the Village Governance Division of West Java's BPMPD, Indriastyuti Chandra Dewi said that according to their early physical observation, Majasari Village is winning over two Regency. The solidarity of the people is out of question.

    "This is a pride for me. The synergy between the Village Government and its people is well maintained. So, that every development is consulted to the experts," she said.

    During this next phase of judgement, crativity is an important point that should be shown by Majasari as well as the people's contribution. DENI SANJAYA

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