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    DPD RI Held FGD “The Effectiveness of Regional Financial Supervision”


    BANDUNG-The Regional Representative Council of Republic Indonesia (DPD RI) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme ‘The Supervision Effectiveness of State Financial Management in the Framework of Performance Improvement Finance and Regional Development’, at Novotel Hotel, Bandung, on Wednesday (28/10).

    FGD opened by the Chairman of the Public Accountability Committee DPD, Drs.H. Abdul Gafar Usman, MM, followed by the Head of Development Planning Board (Bappeda) and the Regional Inspector of West Java. H. Pery Soeparman, SH, MM, MSi, West Java Province Inspector and Prof. Dr. Bahrullah Akbar, MBA, members VI Audit Board of Indonesia attends as a keynote speaker in this FGD.

    Abdul Gafar Usman explained that DPD has formed a Public Accountability Board that aimed conduct the mandate to ensure accountability of administrative, and financial.

    DPD RI wants to make region is in accordance with the constitution which mentioned that the state is consists of areas.

    "Therefore we want to fence this area as the NKRI, with a strong foundation. If the region feel fair, the area was fair, and the state is. If the region feel prosperous, so that all the element of this country would feel prosperous also,” he said.

    BAP requires intimate communication, both with different agendas, meeting, and seminars.

    "To express the thoughts from every regions, then we held this FGD," he said.

    Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan in remarks delivered by H. Pery Soeparman, appreciate the BAP DPD RI who has taken the initiative to organize a focus group discussion with this theme.

    BAP DPD RI helping BPK in push out the implementation of the recommendation. So the state financial loss could be saved and able to increase the improvement of the state financial management.

    “The outcome of following-up performance BAP DPD is a recommendation of BPK RI that can be solved effectively and optimally and also measurable. In this context, BAP DPD has a role in state financial rescue efforts,” he said.


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