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    Netty: The Law Regarding Child Protection is not Perfect Yet



    BANDUNG-The initiation of Government Regulation in Lieu of the Law (Perppu) No. 1 of 2016 regarding the revision of the law of child protection is giving the perpretator with much heavier punishment.

    This Perppu is initiated because the number of sexual abuse to children is raising. The Head of The Integrated Service Centre for Woman and children Empowerment (P2TP2A), Dr. Hj. Netty Prasetyani Heryawan said that this regulation is still aiming at downstream level (post-incident), and not all aiming to the causing factor ofthe incident and this regulation also not giving the victim with direct protection.

    "So, if we are to talk about this regulation, we are only talking about the process of justice towards the perpetrator," said Netty acting as one of the speaker on a discussion at Unpad entitled "Sexual Abuse Towards Children" which held in Unpad Executive Lounge.

    In order to avoid this problem in the future, Netty sugested that the regulation needs to be revise and synchronised with the law as well as policy improvement in various field such as in family, educational institution, among the society, and also media.

    To avoid the sexual abuse, she said that the role of the children's family is important. If the eight family function is applied, then, this deviate action could be avoided early. Family is the closest unit to children's growth.

    "We have to return this act of sexual abuse to the family function," she said. The same thing is also said by the Professor of Psychology of Unpad, Prf. Dr. Tb. Zulriska Iskandar, M. Sc. He said that the root of this problem is located in the family itself. "The education inside the family is very important. This might be the root of the problem," he said.

    Family has a very important role in developing children's character at least until 12 years old. Until then, the parents should educate their children with morality, religions, and life. The relationship between parents and children should be fun.

    "The family parenting is what is important now," said Prof. Zulriska. Beside, another short term effort that can be done is by a good law enforcement. Jo

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