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    The Government of West Java will Improve The Management of IWF



    BANDUNG-The Government of West Java along with The Anti Coruption Commission (KPK) will improve the management of Indonesian Work Forces (TKI) coming from West Java.
    The Regional Secretary of West Java, Iwa Karniwa, said that by improving te management of Indonesian Work Forces (IWF), it is expected that in the future there will be a decent integration between the concerning stakeholder.
    "The improvement we will be doing is including the pre-departure phase, the phase in which they are working in their destination country, and until they are all safely back to the homeland," he said.
    According to Iwa, by improving the management, in the future, all of the stakeholder starting from the concerning department in the city, regency, or provincial level and also the Department of Foreign Affair will be able to know where the Indonesian Work Forces are now.
    "The improvement will make the monitoring job easier for us, especially when our IWF is in trouble," he said. (PARNO)
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