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    Aher: In Facing the Fasting Month, Do not Panic



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java appealed to the people to not panic in facing the fasting month by buying up all of the basic needs. According to the Governor, this attitude would be taken adventage by the seller or an irresponsible party to raise the price arbitrarily.

    The matter was said by the Governor after attending the plenary session of The House of representative in Bandung, Monday Afternoon (30/05).

    "I appeal to the people to not panic don't buy up all of the basic needs. Keep calm, Insya Allah, the stock would be ready and enough for everyone. Shop like we use to shop regularly," he said.

    The irresponsible party will take adventage from the fasting month and eid al-fitr by raising the price arbitrarily.

    "If they raise the price rationally, it will be okay but if they raise the price irrationally, I'm not in favor. Like what happened recently with the meat. how could the price raising? the supply is enough. That is infair," he said.

    If those kind of prolem keep coming, the Government is ready to get involved by investigating the matter in order to avoid hoarding and any other problem. The Government will also conducts a market operation said aher. (Pun)

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