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    "Galah Asin" and "Bakiak" are Being Competed in Porpemprov



    BANDUNG-Two traditonal sports are included in this year's porpemprov. The Vide Governor, Deddy Mizwar appreciates the inclusion of those traditional sports.
    "Specially, I appreciate the inclusion of two traditional sports in this year's Porpemprov. Besides preserving our traditional culture, the games are also contains sports elements and competitiveness," said Deddy in his opening speech in Gedung Sate on Monday (30/05).
    Demiz also hopes that all of the participants could compete fairly and not only seeking for winning title.
    "Compete fairly and more importantly, let this game teach us the sense of professionalism so that we could apply that in our daily work activities as a civil servants," he said.
    The traditional games that are included in the 14th Porpemprov are "Galah Asin", "Halah Pegat", and "Bakiak". (PUN)
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