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    Smart Mom Community is Able to Prevent Abuse



    BANDUNG-The Head of The Integrated Service of Woman and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) of West Java, Netty Heryawan said that the existence of Indonesia's Smart Mom Community (KICI) could be a light in the development of this nation particularly in solving today's social issues which includes woman and children abuse.

    According to Netty, this issue had slap us in the face. We are not only talking about the punishment for the convict but, we should also strengthen the families.

    "Family is the smallest unit in the society but, as the family defense is crumbling down, the social defense goes with it and resulting in social issues," said Netty in Bandung, on Saturday (27/05/16).

    Besides, this issue also emerge because of the inequality of the power relation spread amidst the family's relationship pattern and this resulting in the family member with most power is in power to opress other family member which ended up with sexual abuse.

    "Thus, I hope that in the future, the Smart Mom Community is able to identify these issue and alsp provide solution through education as a preventive effort," said Netty.

    In welcoming the Month of Ramadhan in which full of mercy and clarity, Netty hopes that the people self-awareness would raise an the people would care about each other as an effort to ressolve the social issue emerge within our society.

    The Head of Smart Mom Community, Ruth Sanggarwati said that this institution cares about woman and children. If the mother is healthy, smart, active, and creative, she could bring her family forward and more independent and also provide solution to more social issues and help to develop the nation. 

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