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    LPDP Allocated 5.000 Scholarship Seats



    BANDUNG-The Director of Rehabilitation Budget of Educational Facilities of LPDP (Education Budget Management Institution), M. Sofyan Effendi said that this year, LPDP allocated up to 5.000 Scholarship seats.
    "This means that there will be a significant increase in the number of qualified human resource that will contribute in their own field as an individual in the near future," he said during the press conference attended by jabarprov.go.id on Sunday (29/05).
    Sofyan also explains that the beneficiaries of LPDP scholarship will conntinue their study to the best university throughout the globe such as Oxford, UC Berkeley and Manchester, Great Britain which become the most desireable country for the scholarship. Some of the beneficieries also goes to some Indonesia's best universities.
    "Up until the preparation of batch 68 departure, more than 8.000 Indonesia's best young generation has been departed in order to achieve their masters and doctorate degree," he said.
    As for the alumni, as soon as they arrive in Indonesia, they should contribute to Indonesia sincerely according to their field as what they stated during the interview phase. It is hoped that they could bring the study athmosphere that the get during their education abroad to Indonesia. (Enal)
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