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    The Awareness to Deposit Printed and Recorded Works is Raising



    BANDUNG- Regional Library and Achives Institution (Bapuspida) of West Java is continuously socialising the Indonesian Republic Law No. 4 of 1990 on depositing printed or recorded works. The results of the socialising activity is quite satisfying.

    "Regarding the implementation of the law, we continuously socialise it because we still found some issues in the field but, looking to the people's awareness towards this law, from time to time, there is a significant improvement in people's awareness and understaing towards this law," said the Head of The Deposits and Library Material Management of Bapuspida of West Java, Dr. Hj. Oom Nurrohmah, M.Si to Jabarprov.go.id.

    The evidence of the improving people's awareness is can be seen from the fact that today, not only a publishing house which regularyl produce books that deposits their book to Bapuspida but, also another institution.

    "Even some little institution such as people's reading community (TBM) or people's library that produce their own book had deposit their book to us," she said.

    Hj. Oom said that according to article no.2 of the law no. 4 of 1990 every publisher must deposit at least two books of each production title to the national library and one book to regional library in a capital city of the concerning province in maximum three months time after the book is published.

    Then, the article no. 3 of the same law said that every movie producer must deposit at least one copy of each production title to the national library and one to the regional library of the concerning region in maximum three months time after the production is completed.

    "The mandatory is regulated in the law and it is made to enrich the national collection in order to brightened our nation," she said. (Enal)

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