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    Every Innovation is Created to Bring Good to People



    KARAWANG-Technology has become the priority for everyone in the modern era. The professional or an ordinary people are making good use of technology everyday. The people's needs of technology is supported with the rapid development of the technology itself. Thus, this era is called a technological era since every aspects of human life is being supported by technology.

    In order to raise people's interest towards technology, Ame-Indonesia.org held a technological exhibition on Friday May 27th, 2016 at Technomart Galuh Mas Karawang entitled "Technology in Our Lives". The event is planned to last for three days until May 29th, 2016.

    The event was opened by the Second Regional Asistant of Karawang Regency, Hadis Herdiana. During her speec, she said that the improvement of techonlogy is something inevitable because it comes along with the improvement of human knowlegde.

    "Every innovation is made to bring positive impact to human life. To bring ease to everyday activity as well as giving the human a new way of doing their daily activity. During this past decade, human being has feel the positive impacts and benefits from the technological innovation. But, although it was initially made to bring good and positive impact, it also comes with negative impacts,"  said Hadis.

    Furthermore, Hais said that science and technology is a foundation of every aspects of human life. Indonesia is existing amidst the global environment this makes us as a nation should follow the technological advancement.

    Lastly, representing the Government of Karawang Regency, she expressed her appreciation towards the committee for the opportunity given. She hopes that she has delvered her message well and people can grab something good out of it. "I say thank you to the participant who has been participating in this event. I hope any kind of innovation that is being showed here today can give a contribution in improving people's knowledge towards science and technology." (@Maya)

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