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    Aher Awarded as Prominent Inspirator of Youth in West Java


    BANDUNG - On the commemoration of Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge) 87th in 2015, the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) was awarded as the inspirator of youth leaders in West Java. Aher received the award after becoming inspector of ceremony in this commemoration at Gedung Sate Bandung, on Wednesday (28/10).

    The commemoration of Sumpah Pemuda Day in this year was themed "Mental Revolution to the Resurrection Youth towards One Action to Earth", Aher interpret the role of youth, especially in West Java must have thought and big desire to make a great work. According to Aher, the birth of the Youth Declaration on last October 28, 1928 is the result of great thoughts from the young man at the time. "It is a great idea that can united them, until the Declaration of the Youth Pledge was born," he said.

    Aher added, a sense of unity of the nation, must be above the interests of individuals and groups. "Through the unity, we will be a strong and sturdy nation. It should we interpret together," he added.

    The birth of a new generation in the era of technological is feared to have negative impacts to the youth. The destructive information through social media such as pornography, drugs, promiscuity, radicalism and terrorism can entry easily without dammed. Various cases of violence involving young people evidently stems from interaction through social media. It is not easy for parents and teachers including the government to control it.
    Aher invited the youth to build a mental revolution, to create a strong character, tough and sturdy facing the negative impact of globalization and modernization.

    "Through this mental revolution, they will have the independence to take the best decision in accordance with common sense without depending on their parents and the state," he explained.

    In this occasion, Governor also handed awards and guidance money to youth and youth organizations in West Java on their dedication to the community, environment, arts and culture, education and karang taruna (youth organization).


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