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    The Flood Area in Subang will be Studied by Geologists



    SUBANG REGENCY-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan inspected the area of the disaster first hand in Cihideung Village, Sukakerti, Cisalak District, Subang Regency on Thursday (26/5/2016). Aher then requested for the area to be analysed by geologist to see whether the area is inhabitable or not.
    This is done to fullfil the desire of the resident. They do nit want to be relocated and they choose to rebuild their village instead. The Governor said that this request will be fullfiled if the area is inhabitable according to the geologists.
    "In the future, we will help the rebuild their village after there is a confirmation from the geologists that the area is save. If there is a crack on the surface found, then I will ask the Acting Regent of Subang to relocate the people," said Aher.
    On the occassion, Aher visited the refugee. Most of them are suffer from trauma. The flood happened on Sunday night around 09 p.m (22/5/2016).
    "Hopefully we can mitigate the disaster as soon as possible. Then we can rehabilitate People from trauma, perhaps for two months they would never forget this disaster," said Aher.
    West Java Provincial Government will Continue to encourage disaster mitigation effort through coordination with the people, particularly those who are Living in the areas which is prone to disasters in order to escape from the area is.
    "Landslide is a common disaster on its natural characteristics.  So God created it. Well, the important thing is how managed to avoid places of the landslide," said Aher.
    Six orangutans are died during the disaster, Six homes Residents Heavy Damage, and a dozen other homes Damaged Light. Kampung Cihideung Alone inhabited by 116 heads of household WITH 388 orangutan population. When singer, to review WHILE they were displaced in the village hall As well as in homes Persons Affected NOT flood singer.
    Plt. Subang Regent Imas Aryumningsih said the flash flood occurred Singer Due to landslide. However, the landslide occurred ia Admitted Not BECAUSE rampant felling of trees in forest lands. Imas explained that the disaster occurred BECAUSE the ground in the area Yang Indeed landslide-prone. Landslides are then restrained by big trees Yang tumbles, thus blocking air flow and the air then crashing Housing Residents.
     "Disaster Singer occurred Sunday at 9 PM And does rain Continuous Night ITU. And occurred landslide from a mountain. Actually (forest) Awake really NOT Many Felling of trees just Indeed groove soil Only Yang Indeed prone And steep, mountain High," says Imas.
     ON opportunity Singer West Java provincial government also provides assistance to the society indicated Flood disaster victims singer. Aid is given the form of rice and different TYPE instant food, mineral water, generators, air suction machines, and other building equipment, blankets, towels, feminine hygiene and baby Purposes. Besides THERE Also Help From Food Security Agency Jabar That is as much as 3,930 kg of rice kit And Help From BNPB form of family, health tools, kids clothes, Supplementary nutrition. side dishes, and Ready-to-eat food.
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