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    South Bandung Flood is Everyone's Fault



    BANDUNG-The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said that the Flood in South Bandung is everyone's fault. There are a lot of uncertified building built around the river bank and left uncontrolled by the Government. Besides, garbage problem and tree logging around the upstream is the main contributor to the environmental pollution and increasing the risk of flood in South Bandung.

    "Talking about the flood and disaster in South Bandung, it is not occuring by itself. some branches of the rivers are empty in Citarum. There are factories in most of the branches. if some parts of the river is damaged and the water is flowing to Citarum, it is indeed Citarum will drown. So, talking about flood, this is the results of everyone's fault," said Deddy.

    Thus, this is not the problem of the Government of South Bandung alone. It needs a cross-sector cooperation to ressolve this problem. According to Deddy, disaster is the result of human hand. There are so many causal factors of disaster. So, this is the problem of the people as said by Deddy during the "Bincang-Bincang Banjir Bandung Selatan" discussion which took place on the West Hall of Bandung Technological Institute (ITB) Bandung on Thursday (26/05/2016).

    The most important thing is the Government's commitment. Whether it is the Central Government, Provincial Government, or Regency/City Government. Without a strong committment, it is impossible for this problem to be ressolved.

    "The synergy of those institution is important as well as communication between citizen," he said.

    Besides, the disaster and dirty river is the face of modern society because, naturally, a disaster is the results of human hand. "In order to form a better civilisation, we need to form a good habit. To do that, the environmental awarness must be raised from the educational levels," he said.

    "So if we speak of civilization, we have to talk through the education system. So that gave birth to a generation that does care about the environment. Civilization the vast, Citarum face of civilization, West Java, not just Regency Bandung, including the provincial government, and the center. Citarum river the world's dirtiest. want to predicate what could be more embarrassing? " Deddy said rhetorically.

    While today, the Government of West Java Province, has formed a group 'Ecovillager' which now amounts to 3,800 people in 192 villages around tersebat Citarum. These people are in charge of educating people about 'Rural Environmental Care' in the area -area. This was done in order to synchronize the public against the program 'Super-Priority,' which has been established by the government of West Java province, namely 'Citarum Bestari'.

    The program also involves various instasi including the Ministry / Agency (KLHK, BBWS, PU, ??BPDAS, and BBKSDA), Company (PT Perkebunan, PJT, Perum Perhutan, the regional organization (BAPPEDA, Department of Education, Department of Health, SMEs, NRM, EMR , Bakorwil, BPMPD, the Forest Service, etc.), (Dispertasih, BLH, BPMPD, Diskimrum, BPLH, Department of Agriculture, Forestry), and others.

    As for the activities talkshow held Alumni ITB, Deddy deplore the persistence of the components of the community who have not participated, namely entrepreneurs.

    "It's been interesting, the more institutions or community, and this Alumni ITB also discuss the matter. This tri-helix had already started to appear. But I do not see the entrepreneur. But there are at least citizens. MASAGI yes, society, government , which has a commitment. Now academics, if you talk to the entrepreneurs I've seen. Since the entrepreneur one source, too, which accounts -factory factory waste, the entrepreneur. I guess in this case law enforcement affairs. We should be strengthened on the enforcement of environmental law and problems spatial, "said Deddy.

    Meanwhile, Vice Regent Bandung Gun Gun Gunawan also said that the problem of flooding south, can not be resolved by the District of Bandung alone. Need synergy districts / municipalities 'neighbors' to jointly fix the environment.

    "The environmental conditions in Bandung Regency is inseparable from the cooperation of various parties to commit together. There are several tributary streams in Bandung district is also derived from Sumedang and Bandung," he said.

    "I want to invite that campus in West Java, also synergize to environmental problems not only Bandung regency, but also in West Java. This should be a top priority for the environment," added Gun Gun.

    Present at the discussion activity, BPLHD head of West Java, Chairman of the Alumni ITB West Java, Basarnas Head of West Java province, the head of the West Java OPD, and the ranks of the Bandung regency, as well as the participants.

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