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    Aher: The Big Amount of PON Budget is Not a Waste



    BANDUNG-The Governor who is also the Head Committee of PON XIX affirms that the big amount of PON XIX budget is not a waste.
    According to Aher, the budget is mainly used for the development and restoration of some venues and other supporting structure and infrastructure such as road access. The budget itself is Rp 800 Billion.
    "Do not let the public sees it as an act of wasting the state money because, in fact it is not. Most of the budget is used for the development and restoration of some venues while the implementation of the event itself is only costs the Government Rp 800 Billion," he said.
    The reason behind the big amount of development and restoration budget is because some venues is non-existent and need to be build from the very beginning.
    "There are some venue that need to be built from the very beginning such as horseracing venue in Pangandaran but, there are some event that only needs improvement and restoration. Either way, it needs big amount of money," Aher explains.
    Aher also explains that most of the budget is aqcuired from the regional budget while the central government only contributes Rp 135 Billion. (PUN)
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