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    Cisalak Disaster Contermeasures is Entering The Rehabilitation Phase


    SUBANG-According to the Commander of The Millitary District Command (Kodim) 0605 Subang, Letkol. Inf. Budi Mardi Syam, the rehabilitation will be conducted through a joint operation.

    "Now, we are going to disscus the next steps which is the rehabilitation phase that is going to be conducted through a joint operation involving the Indonesian Military, Regional Government, and all of other concerning institution," said Budi at the Disaster Posts, Cisalak on Wednesday (25/05/2016).

    This effort is going to involve 362 personnels. The disaster was happened on Sunday night (22/5) causing heavy and minor damage on 44 houses on 3 RT as well as 32,5 hectare of paddy fields.

    This disaster is causing 5 death tolls, which are the resident of RT 02/01; 378 refugees from RT 01/01 which consists of 81 people and 31 householders; refugees from RT 02/01 which consists of 259 people consisting of 75 householders and 5 of them are dead; and RT 06/02 as much as 38 people consisting of 10 householders.

    The budget that is allocated from the windfall is to be prioritised to re-build 4 houses which is flat on the gorund, and restoring 12 heavily damaged buildings. As for another houses with minor damage the Government will provide them with aids from Uninhabitable Houses Programme (Rutilahu).

    "As for the houses with minor damage, we will help them with Rutilahu programme," he said.

    On the occassion, The Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa explained that the Government is preparing National Action Plan on Disaster Countermeasures (RAN PB) under the management of National Disaster Countermeasures Institution (BNPB) to countermeasure the national disaster through the emergency certificates issued by the Regents/Mayors that enable them to distribute 100 tons of the Government's Rice Reserve (CBP).

    "If it is out of stock, the Government could distribute another 200tons and if it the demand still high, The Minister of Social Affairs will provide them with more CBP," she said.

    The goal is to provide the refugee with decent life. "We will not let anybody get malnourished as the result from rice deficiency," she said.

    The Ministry had marked 467 villages as a disaster-prone villages (KSB) and this year it will be added with another 64 villages with 7 of the villages are in the area of Subang.

    KSB programme is a form of disaster preparedness from the people with technical assistance from the Minister of Social Affairs.

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