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    Citra Wayang Art Exhibition at PPK Building



    BANDUNG-Cultural Park Management Hall of The Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) of The West Java Government held Citra Wayang art exhibition and aesthetic acculturation of five Bandung's artists on Wednesday May 25th until Tuesday May 26, 2016 at Cultural Management Centre building, Jl. Naripan No. 7, Bandung.

    The five artists are Basuki Bawono. Ratman D.S., Edi Dolan, Eddy S.W.K, and Deden Sambas W.A.F. Basuki Bawono presented his painting entitled "Sang Utusan" made with oil paint on a 100x200cm canvas. Ratman D.S presented his painting entitled "Pandawa Lima" made with charcoal on a 120x100cm canvas. Edi Dolan presented his painting entitled "Jobang Citra" on a 145x85cm mixed media. Eddy S.W.K presented his painting entitled "Lukisan Negeri Atas Awan" made with acrylic on a 180x180cm canvas and Deden Sambas W.A.F presented his painting entitled Darma Wayang.

    The head of Cultural Management Centre of Disparbud of West Java, Raden Moch. Darajatun said that the exhibition event is a token of appreciation from The Government of West Java for West Java's artists.

    "We have a lot of talented indie artist in West Java. Through this event, it is expected that these artists will be widely known," he said to jabarprov.go.id during the opening event.

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