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    In Dealing With Cisalak Disaster, The Government Should Re-Activate The Early Warning System



    SUBANG - According to The Minister of Social Affair, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, it is important for the Local Government to Re-Activate the Early Warning System and relocate the people from the disaster-prone area in Sukakerti Village, Cisalak District, Subang, West Java.

    According to Khofifah, Cisalak Disaster is the impact of some cracks in the earth plate that could leads to disaster.

    "I could see a big current pushing a very big trees because of the cracks on the surface. The same thing happened in Banjarnegara. That is the reason of why we should re-activate the early warning system aside if just relocate people and their stuffs in order to avoid undesirable things to happen," She said during her inspection to the disaster area in Cisalak, Subang, West Java on Wednesday (25/05/2016).

    The minister inspects the area as well as giving 5 death victims' relative with financial aids. Each family recieves around 15 million rupiahs. The aid is given by the Minister to the families accompanied by the Acting Regent of Subang, Imas Aryumningsih and also witnessed by the officials from Muspida of Subang Regency.

    According to Khofifah, relocating the victim is the main priority considering the condition on the land surface. Furthermore, she said that they need to invite a volcanologist or geologist to conduct a research on the area regarding the danger of this land condition and also to re-activate the early warning system.

    "Relocation is our main concern because I already saw a crack on the lang surface. The early alarm system needs to be re-activated in order to warn the people about the possibility of disaster in the future. I think the volcanologist is able to predict the possibility," she said.

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