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    LPDP Scholarships: There is a Special Treatment for the Disabled


    BANDUNG-Institution of Education Funding Management (LPDP) allocates thousands of scholarships each year for graduates of D4, S1, and S2 to continue their studies to a higher level. LPDP also gives attention to applicants with special needs.

    "There are special facilities for persons with disabilities," said Lukmanul Hakim, head of the Division of Budget and Accounting of LPDP in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (25/5)

    It is said that this particular facility provided by LPDP to facilitate access to education for persons with disabilities. Lukman explained that there have been several recipients LPDP with disabilities who continue their studies abroad.

    "The form of special facilities such as family allowances, for the disabled are allowed to bring family such as father or mother. However, the provision of special facilities is not necessarily given, we have to see the conditions the applicants beforehand to decide what specific facilities will be provided, "he said.

    Lukman explained, there is one with disabilities who will be flown to Australia this year. Is concerned, to take courses linguistics at the University of Sydney, Australia, S3 level. (ENAL)

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