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    Through Training, UKM Ready Facing MEA


    CIMAHI-Cimahi Government through the Department of Cooperatives, UMKM, Industry, Trade and Agriculture (Diskopindagtan) of Cimahi facilitates the entrepreneur of Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) in order to be ready facing the Asean Economic Community (MEA), which will begin in late of December 2015.

    "Preparing the UKM entrepreneur to enter in MEA, we made a number of strategic steps, such as facilitate the improvement of the product, ease of licensing, providing entrepreneurial training and support of promotion and marketing,” said Head of Cooperation of UKM Diskopindagtan of Cimahi, Euis Djuliati to the reporters.

    Euis Djuliati revealed that across the region Cimahi there are approximately 3,000 UKM consisting of culinary, craft, fashion and telematics or animation.

    "In order for UKM Cimahi products can prevail in a free market Asean or MEA, it have to maintain the quantity and quality. So that debriefing in form of training to UKM should be done,” he said.

    To maintain the product quality in order to compete, further Euis, they also facilitates the training of packaging products and laboratory testing of UKM products. In addition to the packaging training, UKM are also brought directly to the packaging center in Bandung.

    “So that they learned a way of packaging the product that good and interesting," he said.


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