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    The Banks Should Support the Regional Development


    GARUT- Members of the Board of Commissioners, Ilya Avianty FSA said that financial industry must continue to contribute to the advancement of the regional economy. Banks must accelerate the financial supports to the region.

    "All of the financial services industry and the government agreed to develop the economy," said Ilya.

    The Head of KR 2 FSA of West Java, Sarwono exemplified, coffee farmers in Cikajang, Garut Regency is in need of the banks' involvement to increase the production.

    This was revealed by the survey results of TPAKD of West Java, bjb, BRI, Bank Mandiri, and BNI are financing the plantation sector in Garut regency in only a small amount. 

    "This number is still relatively small. In fact, the potential financing provided much greater," he said.

    These conditions resulted in many Garut farmers who receive funding from outside the financial industry. "So there are problems of access to finance for businesses of coffee," he said. jo

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