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    Eco Music Camp Vol.2 Environmental Campaign


    BANDUNG-After successfully holding international music event titled Eco Music Camp in 2015, West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture, will again be presenting Eco Music Camp Vol.2 2016 which this time will be held in the Mist Mountain National Park-Salak Bogor Regency dated June 2 to 4, 2016.

    EMC Vol.2 will campaign on the environment, because it was on this event the audience will be presented by the beauty of the music played by musicians from around the world in a protected forest, with the aim to show that the importance of humans living in harmony with the natural environment , The musicians of the world that has long been a concern to environmental problems such as Sandra Fay (American), Helga Sedli (Hungary), Supakaluku (Zimbabwe), Lee Tran My (Vietnam), Tataloe (Bandung), Eye Soul (Jakarta) and much again, will appear in this Vol.2 EMC and will tell you about how far they implement environmental awareness in lifestyle through
    his works. EMC Vol. 2 also will bring together ecologists to speak and guide a sustainable way of life.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar during a press conference in the House Official Visits Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 148 Bandung revealed, the West Java provincial government is struggling to deal with various problems
    the environment is increasingly serious. One effective way is with the media of music, where the music can speak to thousands of people of different cultural backgrounds and religions at the same time and place.

    "We know for yourself that this West Java if not sustainably protecting the environment, the potential for disaster would be even greater. Well, the music is the most effective language to convey these messages so easily understandable and implementable in a place that reflects the natural, "Deddy said Wednesday (25/5/16).

    In addition to musical performances, EMC Vol. 2 will also be held tree planting, talk shows, workshops, screening films for three consecutive days and the prize to figures who care about the environment, especially leaders in the field of music.

    "We invite the people of Indonesia and the world through the Eco Music Camp is being there to play music that pro environment in order to inspire people to care about the environment and also involves community
    Environmentalists and people who are concerned for the environment, "said Deddy.

    Meanwhile, Franky Raden as Chairman of the Committee Eco Music Camp said, for people who want to see just buy Gunung Halimun National Park tickets Rp. 20,000 only. It also provides a fleet of buses to take spectators to the venue and camping area for 500 people who want to spend the night there. "It does not charge at all they only pay to enter the protected forest alone and allowed to camp there, we also provide a shuttle bus service that will shuttle back and forth spectators to the venue," he explained.

    What is different in EMC Vol. 2 this time it is housed in a protected forest then it will make Jungle Adventure Tracking program, where participants will be invited around the protected forest to collect leaves, look habibat Javan hawk and others.

    "Last year our guest star Iwan Fals, this year we present Indonesia is also famous musicians Glen Fredly pro environment," said Franky

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