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    The Governor Inaugurated Four Echelon II Officials



    BANDUNG- The Governor inaugurated four new Echelon II officials. The Head of Law and Human Rights bureau, Budi Prasetyo, Nunung idang Sobari as the Government Advisor, The head of The Department of Tourism and Culture, Hj. Ida Hernida and Council Secretary, David H. Achmad. The inauguration was held on Wednesday (25/5), located in the West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung.

    Governor emphasized that for the Bureau of law and human rights, they should play a role in ensuring legal certainty in providing public services to the community. Public services requires harmony and applicable laws corridor.

    To the expert staffs they should observe what happens. Henceforth, which became the findings presented to the Heads of Regions, the governor pleaded.

    As for The Department of Tourism and Culture there should be new achievements, create new innovations so that achievement can be increased, he said.

    As for The Council Secretary, He should reorganize the administration in West Java DPRD Secretariat and managed appropriately, according to the governor pleaded. (NR)



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