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    Subang Disaster: The Vice Governor Prioritise Logistics Aids



    BANDUNG - The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar is asking for the handling of the flood disaster in Subang, Cisalak distrcit to be a top priority. Including the fulfillment of logistics aids, and settlement for disaster victims.
    "At this moment, we should put more attention to the logistics and the provisional settlement, including the health care team. Everything must be fulfilled. Because many homes are becoming the subject to this disaster, and even agricultural land," said Deddy told reporters on Tuesday (05.24.16).
    The Vice Governor said that he was very concerned about the disaster caused by floods in Subang. Moreover, the accident has caused loss of life and many people were affected.
    "I am very concerned, six people died. Obviously it needs to be seen what was damaged the most. we should see what were broken so the water came very big," he said.
    According to him, the flood disaster that was occurred is the impact of environmental degradation in the region. So it was catastrophic to the public.
    "I think it is possible that the upstream is damaged, so there's no water catchment big enough anymore. It's weird when rain is not too big as last year, rain is normal, there may be damage to the river. We'll see, but clearly now signed first victims, particularly for logistics, temporary housing and health, "he said.
    Related to that, he continued, to anticipate other disasters, it also asked people not to throw garbage into the river. Therefore, flooding can occur as a result of the river that could not hold a lot of water due to the piles of garbage and sedimentation. "Sedimentation, garbage. This is a problem we are every year," he said.
    Not only that, he continued, it was called on district / city governments that do not have to immediately make BPBDs. As the most disaster-prone areas, should all have BPBDs areas in West Java. According to BPBDs presence in every district of the city, it will facilitate the handling of the disaster, especially regarding the distribution of aid.
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