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    Aher Inaugurates Four KCP Dispenda



    Kab.Kuningan-To optimize local revenues from taxes on motor vehicles sector, and to improve service to the community, especially the Taxpayer (WP), the Department of Revenue (Revenue) of West Java province to build four Branch Offices Services (KCP) for Kuningan regency, regency Indramayu I, Regency Purwakarta and Bandung Region I Padjadjaran.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan was symbolically inaugurated the four KCP Building Revenue Regional Office District Brass at Jl. Aruji Martadinata No. 8 Kuningan district on Tuesday (24/05/2016).
    Revenue through Samsatnya has provided significant revenue for West Java. Each year local revenue derived from Revenue rose about Rp 1 trillion and about 70% from Rp 15 trillion revenue received by the West Java area Revenue derived from the management.
    For that, the governor said in his speech in the presence of these four new offices, Dispenda Jabar could further increase revenues as well as the delivery of public services, especially the taxpayer that ultimately could have an impact on improving the quality of infrastructure and public welfare.
    "I hope that the Regent / Mayor dared to allocate funds for infrastructure development which affects the smooth distribution of people and goods that could have an impact also on improving the local economy, as well as the welfare of society," said the Governor in his speech.
    "Let us bring the income of Revenue for infrastructure development, particularly roads," he added.
    In addition, a variety of innovation is being developed by Revenue Jabar in increasing revenue and services to society, such as SAMSAT Hold, e-Samsat or payments via ATM that now can be done through Bank BCA, BJB, BNI and BRI.
    "This latest innovation, so for the community in which alone the origin has an ATM card either BJB, BCA, BNI, or BRI anywhere willing to pay it in West Java or outside of West Java also could even abroad can also pay a tax to the Java community west, "said the Governor.
    "This is the first innovation in Indonesia among other provinces. This pioneering us, it turns out the affairs of their pioneering e-Samsat first - nor the breadth of coverage, West Java better than 34 other provinces," said the Governor who was familiarly called this Aher.
    On the earnings front, Jabar had established themselves as the province continues to increase its revenue amid the global economic slowdown. Since 2014 ago, PAD West Java is still in a positive trend.
    "That's him. Everywhere there is economic downturn, not sharp but no decline. In West Java, there is also a decrease in West Java but still high enough above the 5.08 percent nationwide. Thank God," said the Governor.
    "Well then PKB also slightly down, a special income from taxes was also slightly down. But since there is a breakthrough, breakthrough form of SAMSAT Hold, SAMSAT circumference, a breakthrough service in the form Electronics SAMSAT or drive thru. So in ways such revenue then continues increased, "said the Governor.
    KCP Dispenda or SAMSAT Brass Territory and in the other three areas has complete facilities and comfortable for the people who come directly to pay his taxes. In addition to the friendly service of its officers, there is also a comfortable lounge facilities, canteen, mosque, as well as other amenities.
    Vice Regent Brass ACEP Purnama who attended accompany the Governor in the ceremony, said he felt proud Brass believed to host the organization. He also hoped that there will be an increase in revenue for the region with the presence of the new Office of Samsat.
    "I hope with their new SAMSAT it can provide better service and optimal to taxpayers in particular, especially with regard to motor vehicle tax services," said ACEP.
    "In addition, we also want to raise awareness of the tax," he hoped.
    Also present at the inauguration ceremony of West Java Police Chief Ditlantas, Chief Revenue Office of West Java as well as his staff, representatives DPRD Kab. Brass, Head of the Human Resources Agency Region III Cirebon, Secretary Kab. Purwakarta, Indramayu regency Representatives, City Government of Bandung, Kab FKPD Elements. Brass, Elements FKPD Kab. Purwakarta, Elements FKPD Kab. Indramayu, FKPD element of Bandung, BJB Brass Division Head, Branch Manager Prog West Java, as well as invited guests.
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