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    The Mayor: PIT Will Produce a Lembang Fault Recomendation



    BANDUNG-Bandung City Government expects the Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT) 3rd held by Indonesia Disasters Professional Association (IABI), can provide information related to the lembang located in North Bandung area.

    Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil said the results of PIT which is held today, Monday (23/05) until Tuesday (24/05) will produce studies that could serve as guidelines for the Bandung municipal government, related to the Lembang Fault.

    "Regarding Lembang Fault, because of the threat of Bandung is earthquake from eruption not fault," said the Mayor to the reporters after speaking at the opening of PIT-3, at the ITB West Hall, Monday (23/05)

    According to the Mayor, the results of the study in the PIT later as one of the bases for issuing relevant policies and spatial structure of the building and will be a material to be delivered to the citizens of Bandung.

    "Until now we do not have any material, to make disaster-related policies, so my buddy here please points such as in Japan, if you make elementary school children what kind of junior high school kids like what in disaster management," he said.

    As is known, Lembang Fault is a fracture of land that stretches along 25 kilometers in the north of Bandung, which is only 15 kilometers from downtown Bandung. (Parno)

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