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    Jokowi: The Key to Success is being Ready to Face the Competition



    BANDUNG REGENCY-President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi) motivates the Young Entrepreneurs, and the cadre of young entrepreneurs Candidate Jamboree participants to not give up in business.

    "The spirit must be 'hard', so hard that it cannot be broken. if you fall you fall to rise again. If you want to be a businessman, you should be involved. If there is a problem in the field completed. If failure, fall, rise again, as it was, "said Jokowi, in Bandung, Monday (23/5) while providing direction in Jamboree Association seeks College of ASEAN in 2016, at Telkom University, Jl. Stone Fruit Kab.Bandung Canal.

    The President also said, the latest technological advances also make the world seemed limitless. He pointed out, for now do not have to trade any market, or open a shop. With e-commerce, online shop, employers can directly compete with other traders on an international scale as well. "Everything would be presented quickly, and could not be stopped. Our first two choices, want to open, or closed, "he said.

    Open means daring to compete, dare to fight, dare to compete, ready not ready to be prepared, to open up. While closed, we shut ourselves off from competition, and resigned to the situation.

    With it, Jokowi again stressed, says the key to success is open for competition, in the catch-up of our nation.

    "What does it mean? if any of our competitors just woken up, if there is a new competition we got up. I want to be with their MEA provides a spirit of young people, especially to get up courage to compete and compete, "he said.

    Similar to Jokowi, Chairman of the Association seeks Bahlil Lahadalia, said Hipmi always optimistic, and not afraid of the presence of MEA. He is confident Young entrepreneurs Indonesia ready to compete with other countries.

    "Hipmi always optimistic, no need to fear the MEA," he said.

    In the event was attended by around 4,000 participants from various universities in 10 ASEAN countries, he had mentioned, that the "output" Universities in Indonesia still mostly oriented diploma and making students only wanted to be employees only.

    "Most universities still oriented diploma and not in search of knowledge to create jobs," he concluded.

    Jamboree Hipmi Higher Education (PT) will take place 22 - May 26, 2016 on the campus of Telkom University, Bandung. As for the various series of events that will be held in the meeting this grand cadre among others, conferences, workshops on Business Plan, Branding Plan, Sales Plan, Training on Leadership, Negotiation Training, as well as other inspiring activities.

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