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    Hipmi Jamboree is Strengthening The Nation's Economic Joints



    BANDUNG REGENCY-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) statesthat West Java is strongly supports BPP program to give birth to a new cadre of entrepreneurs among students throughout Indonesia and ASEAN, through the 'Hipmi Jamboree in ASEAN 2016', with theme "Mental Revolution, the Middle Way Young Entrepreneurs Build Competitive in the Era of the ASEAN Economic Community". This event is held at Telkom University, Jl. Telecommunications No. 1, Canal Buah Batu, Bandung regency, Monday (05/23/2016).

    According to the Governor Aher, This is in line with the Provincial Government of West Java in 2013-2018, ie 100 thousand New Entrepreneurs  in West Java, which is also supported by Kredit Cinta Rakyat programme from West Java provincial budget, MUI halal product certification, and program -Program other support. Now, at least had been born as many as 60 thousand new entrepreneurs from various business sectors.

    "Through the -Program program, is expected to change the mindset of society, especially the youth of the original job seekers into job creators. So that the number of employers in West Java could be increased in order to accelerate the regional and national economy, "said Aher in the presence of Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Lady Iriana Joko Widodo in attendance to open the Jamboree.

    Correspondingly, a high level of education, creative ideas and innovative, as well as the spirit that the students, be a valuable asset to become a successful entrepreneur. So Jamboree is also expected to be able to hone it.

    "As we understand together, in order to bring a better economy, in particular in accordance Nawacita Number 6, Improving people's productivity and competitiveness in the international market and that the Indonesian nation can move forward and rise with other Asian nations. Nawacita as well as the number 7, Creating economic independence by moving the strategic sectors of the domestic economy. So Jamboree which is the cadre for Students and Student on ASEAN this, hopefully it can be a spirit to strengthen the nation's economy by building joint Young Entrepreneur competitive in the era of the Asean Economic Community, "said Aher.

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