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    Processing Industry is a Way to Accelerate the Economy



    BANDUNG- The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that it is now the time for the business community to seriously gt into processing industry. According to him, a country is going forward when the master of science and technology, then with science and technology-driven human resources (HR) is superior, they are able to process natural resources on 'upstream' to 'downstream' independently , This means that the industry is able to process raw materials, into the production of raw materials, to finished goods ready for use.
    When it has reached this stage, the need for labor in the country will increase. Productivity increases, competitiveness increases. Of course, this also is predicted to accelerate the pace of the economy.
    "Businesses should be developed, I am proud to welcome prospective young entrepreneurs who entered the arena of Hipmi Jamboree. More and more businesses better. Hopefully, the more the desire to wrestle processing industry," said Aher at the dinner ( gala dinner) together with the Committee and the Student Jamboree participants Hipmi College in 2016, in the Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung, on Sunday night (05/22/2016).
    In addition to the desire to move forward, according Aher it is also required a strong desire to print 'New History' at the hands of these young men.
    As a young man, in particular in this case young entrepreneurs, can make history. That Aher define as 'Historic Works.' Creating a work / movement changes a turning point towards more advanced for the current generation, and the next.
    "Employers need to have a strong desire to make history. This will lead us to work best, and menggembangkan various new breakthroughs. So with a good history of successfully printed, to their deaths we will be remembered," said Aher.
    Jamboree event is aimed at encouraging the youth to be more confident, determined and focused to build a career working to become an entrepreneur. Higher Education Association seeks Jamboree is also planned to be opened by the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Joko Widodo.
    Any of various series of events that will be held in this grand meeting. Among other conferences, workshops on Business Plan, Branding Plan, Sales Plan, Training on Leadership, Negotiation training, as well as other inspiring activities.
    Jamboree Hipmi Higher Education (PT) will take place 22 to May 26, 2016 on the campus of STT Telkom, Bandung. This activity, would be attended by 4000 participants from various universities in Indonesia and Indonesian students in 10 countries of ASEAN.
    "Hopefully Bandung, West Java, re-create history, there used to be Asian-African Conference so great for the history of Asian countries and Africa. Now, hopefully Jamboree Higher Education Association seeks a new history of Asean this so well, scoring the entrepreneurs, the parents great people. Do not hesitate to be a businessman, do not hesitate rich, do not hesitate taqwa, do not hesitate so people who love to give alms, "her message.
    Present at the gala dinner of the Secretary General of the BPP Association seeks Raditya Priamana Djan, Rector of the Higher Education Association seeks Aldi Said Al Idrus, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Malaysia and President of the Malay World Islamic World Tan Sri HM Ali Rustam, Chief HIPMI Jabar Jodi Janitra, Chairman of the Higher Education Association seeks as Asean, head of KUMKM, as well as invited guests.
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