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    Demiz: Clean Citarum With TNI



    BANDUNG-The Overnment of West Java had signed an agreement with the military in particular the Siliwangi Military Command III to clean Citarum. According to the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, in cooperation with the TNI was mainly to urge people to care for and cleaning Citarum river.

    We follow DKI which was cooperating with the military to reorganize Ciliwung. So we've signed an MoU with the military to reorganize Citarum in community empowerment and improvement of the river" he said.

    According to Deddy Mizwar, if it is done together with high commitment, then in less than 20 years of Citarum can be clean again.

    "As long as it is done in conjunction with a high commitment, I am sure Citarum will be clean again in less than 20 years" he explained.

    Deddy Mizwar reiterated, Citarum is the face of the civilization of West Java. Then revamping Citarum is revamping the public culture of West Java. (Pun).

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