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    Plan to Withdraw Alchohol Bylaw



    BANDUNG Vice-Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly Hidayat Nur Wahid ask the Minister of Home Affairs to explain in detail about the plan to repeal Regulation (Perda) about Liquor (alcohol).

    "On the one hand the government says it does not legalize alcohol, but instead took measures to revoke Interior Minister Miras regulation in areas with reasons hampering investment. Which is true? "Hidayat said in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Saturday (21/5).

    Hidayat said the Minister of Internal Affairs never provides support for the regulation of Alcohol issued in Papua. Interior Minister at the time, according to Hidayat, support Perda Miras in Papua because the issue of alcohol in Papua, which thereby causes many chronic and not violence.

    "If in Papua be allowed why these laws in other areas should not be. Bad influence of alcohol is not only happening in Papua. But also in other regions in Indonesia, "he said.

    It is said, cases of child abuse, rape, murder, and other crimes occur because the perpetrators under the influence of alcohol. Yuyun case in Bengkulu example. The perpetrators of the crime after binge drinking.

    Therefore, the Minister of Internal Affairs Hidayat hope rethink plans Miras repeal the regulation. Indonesia, Hidayat, does need foreign investment to drive development in the regions. But the government does not need to be free of alcohol sales to attract investors.

    "The government needs to sell creative potential of Indonesia to attract foreign investors. Sell ??ease of access to alcohol is not a creative way, "he asserted.

    Miras, said Hidayat, is the mother of all evil. People who are under the influence of alcohol can do anything without realizing it due to crime.

    "The government needs to consider the good and bad repeal Bylaw Miras it for the good of the young generation to the next," said Hidayat. (ENAL)

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