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    Deddy Mizwar Appreciates Kabarat Film Festival 2016



    West Bandung for the first time held a film festival in West Bandung Film Festival (Kabarat) 2016. This event was immediately appreciated by the Vice Governor of West Java which is also a national veteran film actors, Deddy Mizwar.
    Deddy present at the awarding ceremony Kabarat Film Festival 2016, held in Gd. Yayasan Sejahtera West Bandung, Jewel Complex Block Z No. 18, Village Tanimulya, District Ngamprah, West Bandung Regency
    Saturday afternoon (21/05/2016). He also read out the nominations for Best Film (1st) General Category in the film festival, which was won by the film Samasta Sundara
    Deddy provide a great appreciation of the film festival initiated by students in West Bandung regency. He also wants the film festival the only one in this KBB continue to be held with the expectation ahead of this event could have unique and distinctive character among other film festival there. "Why do I want to come here? Yes this is my token of appreciation, because in West Bandung regency could carry the film festival," said Deddy in
    "Film Festival Kabarat will be able to find its own shape. There is something characters emerge from a process of time later. There should be the same with film festivals in other places. So there is a spirit in West Bandung regency with community filmya create an event festival like this . Kabarat The emotion continues to do, do not stop! " pinta Deddy.
    Deddy said, anyone can make a movie work, especially now with the video camera technology in cell phones or mobile phones.
    "So anyone can make a movie. Not because it is a child or vocational Multimedia Film and Television then only those who could make the movie. This is wrong. They are there to learn to make a movie but to make a movie anyone can," said Deddy.
    "If you want to be a filmmaker good, every time, every chance of making movies, making movies, making movies, making movies and making movies. Learning how? Yes learning by making movies. You will be out shortage of yourselves and what should be you fix it, "he said.
    Kabarat Film Festival 2016 theme is "Our Youth, Our Care". The event was held premiered by Means of the Student Association of West Bandung regency (Simple) and the Student Media Indonesia (MPI) in West Bandung regency.
    The participants or films participating in the festival not only from KBB, but participated by the students from various regions of West Java and even from outside West Java, such as from Cimahi, Bandung, Kota Sukabumi, Garut, Surabaya, Jakarta, and there were also participants from the region of Central Java province. There are dozens of films participating which are short films and documentaries.
    And the following winners in the category Kabarat Film Festival 2016: General Category
    - 1st Category General (Winner: Samasta Sundara)
    - 2nd Place General Categories (Winner: Revitalization Karangkamulyan)
    - 3rd Category General (Winner: Kreative Panti Pemuda Merdeka)
    Student Category
    - 1st Category Student (Winner: Under Light Sky)
    - 2nd Place Student Category (Winner: A drop of gasoline for the future)
    - 3rd Category Student (Winner: Apalah Arti Sebuah Dusun)
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