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    TKA Evaluation, the House of Representatives Will Immediately Forms a Working Committee



    BANDUNG- The State House of representative throu the 9th Commission, addressing the influx of foreign workers (TKA) are reported to have entered into a numbers of regions in Indonesia, including West Java, this year will soon evaluate the presence of foreign workers.

    The evaluation will be carried out through the formation of the Working Committee TKA evaluation, said Member of Commission IX of the House of Representatives, I Ketut Sustiawan when contacted jabarprov.go.id, on the sidelines of the activities that took place in Bandung, Friday (20/5).

    Ketut Sustiawan, further explained some of the reports received from several foreign workers there who work in places of entertainment. While working in the industrial hub is still in search of truth about the existence of foreign workers who work.

    In the era, the influx of foreign workers is difficult to prevent the origin of the foreign workers already meet the specified requirements into account.

    Subject matter of employment, continued Ketut Sustiawan originally stipulated in Ministerial Regulation No. 12 of 2013. In accordance with these provisions, the foreign workers working in Indonesia, must meet several requirements into account, among others: to contribute to the transfer of technology or knowledge transfer, has the ability to Speak Indonesia and to recruit at least 10 local workforce.

    Permenaker has now been revised. Revision in Ministerial Regulation No. 16 of 2015, the Indonesian language requirement removed for revision TKA and through Permenaker No. 35 of 2015 TKA remove the obligation to recruit 10 local workers.

    With the revision of the regulation, potentially increasing reduction in employment opportunities for local workers in Indonesia. So that the condition does not have a negative impact, it prepared the government should make a strict selection in the presence of TKA.

    Selection is prepared, said Ketut Sustiawan includes the selection and certification requirements of the competition. (NR)

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