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    The Commemoration of Harkitnas the 108th on West Java Province Level



    BANDUNG-Government of West Java, Friday (20/5) held a ceremony of National Awakening Day (Harkitnas) the 108th 2016, at courtyard of The Government Office of West Java (Gedung Sate), Jl. Diponegoro No. 22 Bandung.

    Acting as an inspector of the ceremony was District Secretary of the Regional, Iwa Karniwa and as participants in the ceremony, namely: all members of Forkominda West Java, the head of the Government Orgnaisation, PNS representatives of the Government organisation, the element of youth (KNPI of West Java) and high school level students in Bandung. Acting as flag raisers are representatives of high school students in Bandung incorporated in Paskibraka Bandung.

    On the occasion of the flag ceremony, The Regional Secretary, Iwa Karniwa is reading the speech of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, wrapped up in January. In his speech, Minister of Communication Rudiantara said that since proclaimed independence, our nation Indonesia has pledged and resolved that the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is a fixed price that can not be negotiable in the conditions and circumstances.

    Described by the MCIT, that our homeland is a democratic state based on ideology of Pancasila which uphold high religious values ??and customs. NKR territory stretching from Sabang to Merauke, consists of 17,508 islands, inhabited by a population of 254 million people by 1331 race, 746 regional languages, with a coastline of 99 093 square km. The obligation of all parts of Indonesi should be maintained consitently, protect and maintain NKRI from any interference, either from inside or outside by applying the principles and values ??of nationalism in everyday life.

    Commitment to the Homeland, I will reiterate at the commemoration of the National Awakening Day-108, given after a long stand as a nation, threats and challenges of wholeness NKRI not recede a single step. Even with advances in digital technology, the threat of radicalism and terrorism.

    New challenges that arise in front of us are the two most important dimensions of speed and coverage. Of course we do not want to keep the Homeland oversized due to late anticipation of the speed and spread of the elements because of the lack of knowledge on how to react to this changing world. Therefore, I consider important theme, "Engraving Meaning of National Awakening day through real work, independence and characters :, which is chosen specially of this occassion. With this theme, we want to show that any challenge we face at this time we must answer with a focus on real work independence and character, said Rudiantara

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