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    Netty Heryawan: Golden Age Child Supports National Future


    BANDUNG - Mother of PAUD (early childhood education center) in West Java Netty Heryawan accompanied by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan attending Gebyar PAUD of West Java province in 2015 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha Bandung, Wednesday (28/10).

    Netty Heryawan said that every child does not ask to be born and can not choose their parents, so that as a parent we should to caring and pay attention to our children. Father and mother is the main role in the family to their children, especially for mother who nearly 24 hours with the children.

    “Being a mother must be smart because they should have knowledge and insight in the process of education and upbringing their children," she continued.

    Now, it’s important to assist their children in using the electronic tools such as television and gadget. It can be done by approaching children so that they can feel comfortable and safe.

    The golden age for children is a important time in the child's growth This is the basic capital in for-mation of character and mindset of children. "Therefore there must be a breakthrough on how edu-cators can produce a tough individual that able to compete," she hoped.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said that attention in early childhood is essential for the growth of intelligence and the formation of human character starting at 0-6 years, and also equipped with the intake of nutritious food and mother's breast milk (ASI) that makes a powerful brain, muscles and bones.

    ASI is an irreplaceable food for child's growth. It should be given for 2 years and a minimum of 6 months. "With the help of PAUD teachers be expected able to raise awareness in each parent to pay more attention to their children," he hoped.

    IGTKI (Association Teacher Kindergarten Indonesia) West Java Province, Reni said the purpose of the event today to strengthen the capabilities and the implementation of tasks in order to educate the importance of PAUD programs in the community. This event held as the commemoration of National Children's Day themed "The Role of Family, Community and Government In Building Mental Revolution Through PAUD".

    This event was opened by the Governor of West Java and attended by 1730 children, teachers and parents and also 2730 PAUD teachers from IGTKI, Himpaudi, Iqra and GOP TKI. On this occasion, Governor handed awards to the PAUD Agencies of West Java province and also giving free birth certificate to 100 children.

    PAUD Cluster/Agencies in West Java Province

    Play Group            : 1. Al-Amin Group (Ciamis District), 2. Mawar Group (Karawang), 3. Usaha Mulia Group (Cianjur Regency).
    Kindergarten Group         : 1. TK. Prima Insani (Garut), 2. TK. Al-Mutazam, 3. TK. Sukahaji (Bandung Regency), 4. TK. Angkasa (Bandung), 5. TK. Mentari (Bogor).
    PAUD group            : 1. PAUD in Ciamis District, 2. PAUD Paprika in West Bandung Re-gency, 3. PAUD Cempaka in Cianjur Regency.
    Mother of PAUD        : 1. Mrs Indah Susanti (Cianjur Regency), 2. Mrs. Siti Hafiah (Bogor Regency).


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