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    PON the 19th in West Java Urges the Presence of New Infrastructure



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan dismissed the notion that the PON XIX and XV Peparnas 2016 which use the budget of the state and local budgets is a waste.

    Aher stated, a budget of 800 billion for PON is an investment fund that will also benefit the community because most of the funds were used for the construction of venues and the construction of road infrastructure.

    "This mandate of the people, that is why this budget should be efficient, with PON is the impact nice we would have nomerous sports venues and can be used for public after completion PON which resulted also in the presence of a good road infrastructure right," said Aher during a press conference in Gedung Sate, on Wednesday (05.18.16).

    "So I would like to state, that a large fund is not to be wasted but for society as well, it will not be wasted because we will have a venue and a nice road, this so people could understand," he added.

    In contrast to the PON in previous years in other places, PON the 19th in West Java this time which will start on 17 to 29 September 2016 was held in 15 districts and cities in West Java. That way it will grow new venues in the area coupled with good road access to the venues. Besides the local economy will also grow when the conduct of the PON later.

    Aher pointed out, futsal venue construction and silat at ITB Bandung can later be used for sports facilities for students, including the renovation of the swimming venue on campus UPI post-PON will be able to create swimming athletes on campus.

    "We are also so has international horseracing venue in Pangandaran, the road acces to the venue is so good because of the presence of PON, it is one example," he said.

    In addition Aher said, the investment fund of Rp. 800 billion for the PON will be back again in part, because PB PON will get income from the contingent through dues, plus the income from TV rights and sponsorship.

    "Rp. 800 Billion that later can return contributions from the members for all the contingent pay, not to mention the other, so it is expected that the fund will be back again around Rp 300 billion, "said Aher.

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