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    Bandung Host The Celebration of Bung Karno's Pancasila Speech



    BANDUNG-Bandung is going to host the Celebration of Bung Karno's Pancasila Speech on June 1.
    Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil said, the celebration of Bung Karno's speech on June 1 is a routine activity conducted in each year by the MPR.
    "Bandung had the honor of carrying out the event where in 2015 is held in Blitar, 2014 in Bengkulu and in 2013 held in Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara," he said.
    According to the Mayor, in the implementation later, Bandung residents can enjoy such activities that are centered on Jl Sukarno or on the side of Asia and Africa Museum.
    "The event will last for three days, on July 30th there will be a book discussion and wayang performance, July 31st Bung Karno parade in Asian-African road and Ir Soekarno and 1st as the highlight of the event," said the Mayor.
    Ridwan added that regarding the event there are some preparations, such as reading the text of Pancasila that will be read by the Mayor of Bandung, and poetry readings in prison Banceuy monument.
    "There were marching bands, 200 elementary school children using pangsi,  Paskibra team and Bung Karno theatrical team," he said.
    The mayor stated, as the city that is also a place in Soekarno's journey, it expects these activities are not just an ordinary event.
    "The concept that was carried in Commemoration Celebration Pancasila Bung Karno's speech is the city of Bandung is intellectually rich with creativity," he concluded. (Parno)
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