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    Aher Inaugurated The Regent Cianjur and Reminds Him of Promises During The Campaign



    BANDUNG- The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan inaugurated Irvan Rivano The Regent of Cianjur and His Vice Regent Herman Muchtar Suherman for of 2016 - 2021, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (18/05).

    The new pair of Regent and Deputy election results simultaneously Cianjur in West Java province in 2015 is inducted replaces the previous regent Tjetjep Salah Muchar the outgoing dated May 18, 2015. This is according to a letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs Number 273/934 / SJ, which mandates that the inauguration Proceeding end of tenure of the previous Regional Head.

    After inaugurating the Regent of Cianjur which is the last of eight couples inauguration Regional Head Election results simultaneously in West Java, Aher mandated to directly work with full responsibility and realize his campaign promises to the people. "I ask you to work immediately, realize the promise during the campaign, serve the public, present a clean bureaucracy and create work programs that benefit the community" message Aher.

    At the same time elected Regent also asked to focus on improving health care, infrastructure and education to maximize the existing budget. In addition, as the largest contributor to the GDP in Cianjur, namely agriculture which in 2015 reached 38% of the total GDP of Rp. 10 trillion, should be increased, because the Cianjur area which has an area 361 435 hectares have the potential of natural resources compared to other regions.

    "Cianjur is unique, 38% of its GRDP is from agriculture, in other areas below 20%, this means that most people in cianjur are farmers, therefore, this advantage must be a competitive advantage," said Aher.

    Of the agricultural sector even this can absorb up to 39% of the workforce and ranked highest in West Java. Competitive commodities from the agricultural sector in Cianjur namely fragrant pandan rice that has been famous up to foreign countries.

    Specialized in the infrastructure sector, Aher emphasized that the couple elected Regent build infrastructure more evenly as a growth promoter region, such as the construction of roads, bridges, irrigation, clean water compliance and availability of access to rural electrification. "This is to reduce the inequality between the northern, central, southern and social inequality," he said.

    In response, the regent of Cianjur Irvan Rivano revealed, the first thing he would do that is to make the moratorium on permits related to land use, where it will first assess the extent to which the needs of the community will be jobs that do not interfere with the agricultural production.

    "The second one was the governor mandates on infrastructure development, therefore we will allocate the construction of about 50% to infrastructure that is environmentally sound, beyond even then all development programs that the ends are to reduce poverty, it is the mandate of the governor," said Irvan.

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