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    Government Reveals Export Target



    BANDUNG-Government, has disclosed their export target. For 2016, these targets include the growth of non-oil exports, service exports to GDP ratio, export growth target and contribution of manufactured products to total ekspor. Thus, the Secretary of the Director General of National Export Development Ministry of Trade, Ari Satria, during the event of the Export Forum Jabar, In BI Building Bandung, Wednesday (18/5).

    Ari, further explained in 2016, the growth of non-oil exports expected to reach 5.3 percent, the ratio of services exports to GDP by 2.8 percent and the contribution of manufactured products to total exports by 47 percent and export growth of 4.5 to 5 percent.

    Many factors that could push the realization of Indonesian exports include trade volume growth in 2017 is predicted to increase and manufacturing prices rising trend. On the other hand, in terms of export markets is currently the diversification of export destinations of Indonesia, where export destinations not only penetrated into the main countries, but also venturing into countries which are previously not being exported.

    Export destinations with major market category amounted to 14 countries with 5 largest export countries include: USA, China, Japan, India and Singapore. Meanwhile, for the purpose of prospective export market amounted to 19 countries with the largest export countries respectively Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and the UAE.

    In order to strengthen exports, various strategies have been prepared, among others: the development of new export markets the destination country, market penetration through marketing and promotion, strengthening added value and competitiveness as well as an increase in non-oil exports.

    New markets targeted, said Ari covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Development of new markets is done by maintaining the export to the major destination countries. (NR)

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