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    Change The Habit of Throwing Garbage to Citarum



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan revealed, the base of all the problems of pollution in the Citarum river is people's behavior, not about how to clean up the waste in the Citarum river. The community behavior such as cutting down trees in the upstream, planted on the slope are resulting in erosion, then downstream dispose of industrial and household waste, are difficult to remove and require considerable time.

    "The difficult part was to change the bad behavior, so that the cleaning will become easier, the military is assigned two days only to handle Cijagra but after that rubbish is piling up again," Aher said when met at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (17/05) ,

    According to him, to change the behavior of people who do not maintain Citarum of waste required a social movement involving everyone. Therefore, in the near future they will establish a social movement, namely the "No" and "Come" Movements.

    "No" in question is, do not dispose animal waste, household waste, industrial waste and not deforest. While the movement "Come" is, come to reforest the woods, though let's livestock waste into bioenergy, let's manage garbage and wastewater and let clean the Citarum waste.

    "Hopefully with this social movement will slowly change public attitudes and Citarum will be cleaner," he hoped.

    In addition, it also will advocate a stubborn industries that still throw their waste directly into the Citarum river without being processed first. Currently, according to records from the Gita Citarum and researchers in the field, only 25% of industries that processed their waste first before being discharged into the Citarum, the remaining 75% is without treatment.

    "That's the data, so I appealed to all owners of industries that use the Citarum water for thinking ahead, do not only think of profit as a businessman but also think about the devastating effect that the behavior of the water Citarum worse, littering, dumping waste, impact on the right to millions of people , fields, food, even downstream of the Java Sea that resulted in the well-being of fishermen, the length of the result, "said Aher.

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