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    The Government of West Java is Interested in Managing KBB Through a Cooperation with a Regional Owned Enterprises



    BANDUNG-The Government of West Java gives a special attention towards the incidents happened some days ago in Bandung Zoo (KBB). In the future, the Government along with Regional Owned Enterprises will manage the KBB.
    The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan said that KBB is one of the West Java's wealth which needs to be improved and special attention from all that concerns after the death of a 34 year old Sumatrean Elephant said the government in Gedung Sate on (17/5/16).
    "I have discussed the matters with the BUMD of West Java so that we can cooperate in ressolving the problem. The goal is to save, manage and improve the zoo for the future," said Aher.
    PD Jawi as a BUMD that is working in the service field is involved in improving KBB because, aside of managing the animals, the tourism value of West Java would also raising. I have requests the BUMD to initiate this effort in an informal way. If the zoo is survived our tourism value would also raising" He said.
    But, according to Aher this does not mean that enterprises will take over in full for the management of KBB, nor an intervention but rather a moral obligation as a form of local government and concerns over what happened in KBB recently. so KBB's can be enjoyed by the community even better.
    "It was not taken over or interfered by public enterprises so we'll just talk first because if we initiate it formally, i'm afraid that will be too much that the most important people can enjoy KBB again and the animals are also guaranteed," said Aher.
    When enterprises have been involved in the management of KBB, the provincial government plans to disburse capital to restructure the appearance of KBB rather than create a new zoo though it is possible for the zoo to be built in other areas in West Java. "Instead of building a new zoo outside Bandung despite allowing better but we rearranged KBB including the appearance. Capital injections later after enterprises go in but hopefully the BUMD had stored sufficient capital," he said.
    On the other hand the Bandung municipal government also has plans to bring in investors to manage KBB. Responding to that Aher supports the idea
    of anyone who is willing help especially the government to save KBB. "Yeah whoever comes first, I think we need communication with all parties, including the Bandung municipal government, I'm grateful just when it started to be addressed," he said.
    "Hopefully this is a warning for all of us for getting more attention, especially animal-satwanya KBB," said Aher
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