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    The Future of Child Victims of Sexual Abuse Should be a Concern



    BANDUNG- Amidst the rise of the news regarding the weighting of punishment for sexual crime with neuter punishment, The Chief-Deputy of The 8th Commission of The House of representative, Ledia Hanifa Amaliah reminds the Government to put their attention to the fate of Child Victims of Sexual Violence.

    Ledia said that "The effort to adds the punishment and law to the suspect of sexual violence is appropriate in order to give kind of detterent effect to the suspects but, at the same time, The Government should also make the rights of the victims as what has been mandated by the law," said Ledia.

    "The victim of sexual violence has gone through abuse, and they still have to suffer from long-term trauma. Thus, they cannot just sit there and wait until the suspect is punished but, they need to be medicated and rehabilitated both physically or mentally."

    Sadly, to this date, according to Ledia, the rights of the victim have not been fulfiled optimally. Particularly in terms of getting accompaniment during the recovery period.

    "The structure and infrastructure is vey limited as well as the psychosocial accompaniment personnel. In fact, the number of child victims is reaching thousands of children and in need of rehab and accompaniment immediately, intensely, simultaneously and completely as what has been stated in the article No. 59A paragraph 1 law No. 35 of 2014," said Ledia.

    Because of that fact, improving the system of rehabiltation and accompaniment is an important matter and should be the priority of the Government to show the alignments of The Government towards the victims.

    As important is the retistution in a form of compensation for the perpetrator as what has been stated in the article No 71D paragraph No 1 and 2 of the law No. 35 of 2014.

    "This article grants the peprtrator with the rights of getting restitution but, technically, in order for the regulation to be able to be implemented there needs a regulation from the regional government. With that stated, Ledia requests the Government to do this mandate by issuing a Government Regulation regarding retistution," she said.

    The concept of this restitution is a new thing in the law of children protection. If the victim is granted with restitution, it will help them with the rehab and medication.

    "Even if today we are talking about bringing the concept of weighting the punishment, it can be included in the restitution clauses of this article, go ahead. The important thing is to immediately publish the retistution regulation so that the rights of child victims of crime is not being neglected." Strictly speaking.

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