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    Trend of Violence Against Women Rises



    BANDUNG-Trend of violence against women is continuously rises to this day.

    It is stated by the Commissioner of National Women Commission, Andrian Fenny during the discussion which took place in GIM building, Jl. Viaduct, Bandung on Monday (16/5).

    Andrian further states that a horrendous case was just happened in Bengkulu. The victim some from a remote area around Bengkulu and the crime scene is in an oil-palm field.

    From the case, it is apparent that one of the problem rises when an act of violence occured is that the crime scene is far from the police station.

    Studying the case, National Women Commission is come up with a solution, They have been reported the case to the government. The solution is to be resolved, said Andriana National Women Commission urges the Government to immediately published anti-violence law. (NR)

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