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    PON Budgeting In 2016 is The Largest Allocation


    BANDUNG-The budgeting preparation of West Java Province in 2016 has now entered the stage of discussion the budget priorities (KUA- PPAS).

    In that phase, the percentage of the budget for the program has been made. The largest allocation for the budgeting is PON activity.

    It’s expressed by Head of Development Planning Board (Bappeda) West Java Province, Denny Juanda in his statement to jabarprov.go.id, on Wednesday (28/10).

    Denny, further explained the budget for PON reach Rp 2 trillion. The funds earmarked for the implementation of activities following the completion of the venue construction.

    The next budget percentage which occupies a large portion is the same as in the previous year that is allocated to the Highways sector and health.

    In 2016 are also allocated budget for land acquisition for Cileunyi Tasikmalaya (CITAS) toll road.
    Land acquisition will start at the ends of the road of Gede Bage and Rajapolah, Tasikmalaya.

    CITAS Toll Road Development, created with the new model construction for connecting Bandung area and east Priangan. These toll road designed to support the growth of new economic development.

    In the KUA and PPAS in 2016, said Denny massive budget volume reached 24 trillion.


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