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    UKT System in Some Universities Need to be Evaluated



    BANDUNG-The member of The Education Commission of The House of Representative, Fikri Faqih is requesting the Single Tuition System (UKT) to be evaluated after three years of implementation in some Universities in Indonesia.

    According to Fikri, in accordance with the education principles, which are democratic, equitable, non-discriminatory, and upholding the human rights then, it is proper for the Government and the University to evaluate the UKT which considered incriminating the students.

    "One of the evaluation requested is to not increase the amount of UKT for those who cannot afford it. Then it is also necessary for stakeholder to get involved in the process of determining UKT, particularly the students," said Fikri during the press conference with the journalists, on Tuesday (17/6).

    Another evaluation to be made is the implementation of UKT. According to Fikri, students should be given the opportunity to appeal to adjust the amount of UKT for each semester.

    "On the other hand, it is important for the UKT system to be simplified in terms of the categorisation and interval which should have been proportional and consistent," said the legislator of PKS of the 9th Central Java Region.

    As we all know, UKT system is applied for the college students batch 2013/2014 throughout Indonesia. This regulation is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesian Republic No. 55 of 2013 regarding Single Tuition System for public universities around the regions of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    The second paragraph of the first article of the Permen said that Single Tuition System is a tuition fee which is borne by the college students based on their economic ability.

    "But, in the process, there are some college students with low economic ability that is charged with the highest tariffs," he said.

    Thus, Fikri adds that there are a lot of college students that consider this system as a burden.

    "Basically, this problem needs to be ressolved immediately not only for the sake of those who cannot afford, but also for this system to be applied justly," he said.

    So, the complaint regarding the UKT system which is increminating the college students should be observed by the authority.

    "The determination of UKT tariffs should be done equitably and considering the students' economic ability or the sallary of their parents. The Government should also make sure that the cross-subsidies is reaching the appropriate targets," said Fikri. (Enal)

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